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Are you tired of juggling multiple subscriptions in an attempt to manage your sales, marketing, and lead generation? We understand the challenges you face. That's why we offer an all-in-one platform that simplifies your processes and empowers your business to reach new levels of success.

a smarter way to work!

Our Solution

For You Business

Streamline processes, conquer social media, gain insights, and enhance your online reputation. Propel your sales and marketing efforts to new heights.


Reputation Management

Experience the transformative impact of our software as you build lasting relationships, earn glowing reviews, and establish a solid foundation of trust within your industry.


Lead Management

Engage with prospects, provide personalized experiences, and convert them into delighted customers. Our software simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.


Appointment Automation

From automated reminders that keep you and your clients on track to customizable booking forms, our solution takes care of every aspect of your business.


Unified Messaging

Experience the convenience of having SMS, email, GBP Ratings, Facebook, and Instagram DMs all in one centralized platform. Say goodbye to juggling multiple channels.

Reputation Management

Take control of your brand's online reputation with our powerful reputation management features.

  • Monitor and manage customer reviews

  • Strengthen customer trust

  • Quickly resolve issues with negative reviews

Invoice & Get Paid Faster!

Simplify your sales process by providing an estimate that can be updated, converted to an invoice and sent to your client immediately (before, during or after) the job!

  • Get paid faster with our Stripe integration

  • Send invoices via SMS and email simultaneously

  • Automated invoice follow ups to ensure payment

Lead Management

Effectively managing leads is essential for driving conversions and growing your customer base.

  • Lead management simplified

  • Ensure no potential customer are lost

  • Nurture and convert leads effortlessly


Make informed decisions based on comprehensive data and analytics. Our software equips you with powerful analytics tools to track and measure the performance of your sales and marketing efforts.

Our Committment

At Lytedge, we are committed to our clients' success and growth. We pledge to provide exceptional software solutions and unwavering support to help you achieve your business objectives. Our commitment extends beyond the initial onboarding; we will stand by your side throughout your journey with Lytedge.



Onetime Setup Fee of $300

Reputation Management

2 Way Text & Email Conversation

GMB Messaging

GMB Call Tracking

Missed Call Text Back

Facebook Messenger

Web Chat

Text To Pay

$299 /mo.



Onetime Setup Fee of $600

Everything in Essential +



Email Marketing






General Reports


$599 /mo.



Onetime Setup Fee of $1,200

Everything in Advanced +


SMS & Email Templates

Social Planner


Trigger Links

Facebook/Instagram Ad Creation and Management

NOTE: Plan Does Not

Include Ad Spend

$1,199 /mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this setup for me?

It sure is! We work with you 1-on-1 to get the information needed to successfully onboard you! All will be in place upon going live.

Is there a real person that can help me?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on customer relationships, so we will always take care of you. We are available via email 7 days a week and via phone 5 days a week!

Are technology updates free?

Yes! New software updates are always being released at no charge for you. If we need to revamp a workflow for you we will take care of that for free!

Can my staff manage software?

Yes, the software is built to suit your needs and is accessible by you and staff at all times to manage and run.

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